History of Fagace

African Cooperation economic (FAGACE) and guarantee fund is a Public International Economic and financial, specialized in the promotion of the investment public and private.

it was created on February 10, 1977 in Kigali, Rwanda.

the number of Member States is 08, the creation of the Fund and 12 in 2010.

with the recent membership of the Congo and Chad in 2011, respectively 06 billion FCFA and 05 billion CFA FRANCS, the number of Member States is passed to 14.

amounting to 5 billion CFA FRANCS initially, social capital is spent 30 billion CFA francs in 2004 and CFAF 100 billion in 2008.

in 2011, as part of the implementation of the strategic recovery Plan of the Institution, the Board of Governors decided to carry the capital to 200 billion CFA FRANCS.

also, the Fund's Member States decided, in 2010, to release a share of capital amounting to 16.3 billion FCFA.

at the operational level, the volume of guarantees granted to economic operators amounts to 279,92 billion CFA FRANCS. Allowed to mobilize more than 1000 billion CFA FRANCS for the economies of the Member countries.

as the interest rate bonus, more than 6 billion CFA francs was granted to the projects of economic and social development.

on the other hand, the Fund played an important role in structuring the market banking and Finance of the sub region through participation in the creation of institutions such as the regional stock exchange of securities, cowry investment, the marketing company of the Business Information (saw) in relation to the BCEAO and the BOAD and the society of Promotion of the Fund African for the development of biofuels in relation to Ebid. As many important tools for the development of our economies.

with regard to this balance and the commitment of the Member States, it is clear that the operational capacity of the Institution will be strengthened to make it a true instrument for development in the sub region.

short term, emphasis will be placed on five (05) essential axes:

- a contribution greater than in the past to the economic growth of the Member States by developing a reliable partnership with the public and private sectors with emphasis on projects with high value added;

-opening more marked towards countries emerging (China, India, Brazil) and the sous region including Central Africa and Eastern;

-intervention downstream capacity building;

-development of direct funding operations;

-the consolidation of the acquis has enabled the Fund to be the Institution of reference for warranty by volume of intervention.

the former directors...

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