Missions and objectives

the mission of the Fund is to contribute to the economic and social development of Member States by facilitating the funding and implementation of development projects by: < br / > -warranty and < br / > -accompanying measures.

it to objectives:

- the guarantee of medium or long-term loans intended for the financing of projects economically and financially profitable and short-term loans for funding of campaign and inter-bank lending credits:

the warranty is a mechanism to facilitate the sponsor obtaining a credit from a donor. By this operation, which is legally similar to a bond, the Fund is committed to cover the lender in the event of failure of the sponsor continuing repayment of the credit within the limits of the guarantee percentage

- bonus interest rates and lengthen the duration of credits for economic-related transactions whose profitability cannot be ensured in the original terms of the loan:

up bonus is a measure of relief from the financial terms of the loan consists of the support by the Fund in the form of a grant to a third party (1/3) of the borrower interest rate.

-the lengthening of the duration of credit relief for the financial terms of the loan consists of the support by the Fund of 25% maximum of the repayment of principal on a period not exceeding 5 years:

This helps to consolidate the cash flow of the project.

-financing specific operations on loans and grants:

the operations financed are projects feasibility studies or technical assistance (update available or secondment of experts for a State in specific areas). This operation is done on loans and/or grants.

-making participation in the share capital of national or regional companies:

management of funds on behalf of third parties. This is an operation whereby FAGACE, given its expertise in the field, manages funds for the account institutional third-party such as insurance companies, pension funds, micro-finance Institutions, umbrella Institutions (including decentralized financing systems).

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