Terms and Conditions of eligibility


can benefit from the actions of FAGACE 
-Member States
-public or mixed enterprises
-private companies
-national or international financial Institutions
-regional bodies Integration

in warranty:

-the intervention ceiling per project is limited to 5% of the potential for downstream;
-action threshold by project is set to 50 million CFA FRANCS for the loans in the short, medium and long term;
-guaranteed quota is set at 80% of the amount of the credit or the line guarantee.

in bonus of interest:
-the interest subsidy is limited to one-third of the rate of interest to the operation being considered.

in the duration of the credit:
-no operations can benefit from a longer lasting longer than 5 years and amounting to more than 25% of the amount of the loan;

specific funding :
-financing specific operations is on resources of debt or grants and donations to this effect.

in equity participation :

-the participation in the capital of a company may not exceed 10% of the capital of this last.

Conditions of intervention:
-the guarantee granted by the Fund gives rise to the perception of two (2) committees:-a flat commission of 1.5% of the amount guaranteed, payable as follows: 0.50% prior to the assessment of the project, 1% to the signing of the agreement of guarantee- a downstream commission calculated annually on the outstanding amount of the loan and whose rate the guaranteed risk varies between 0.5% and 2.5%. -However, in FACI, commission rates are negotiated on a case by case.

in bonus
-the interest subsidy is a subsidy and therefore not repayable by the recipient;

in the duration of credit
-the are advanced by the Fund in the longer reimbursed after amortization of the principal loan with interest and Commission rates will not exceed those of the principal loan. The length of the refund cannot exceed the period of extension;

in financing specific operations
-loans granted by the Fund in financing specific operations are refunded with interest which the basis will be the interest rate borrowings carried out; ·
in equity
-the holdings of the Fund give rise to the award a seat of administrator;

in management of funds on behalf of third parties:
-the intermediation of Funds gives rise to the collection of a commission of 1% on the main term expired.

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